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3 Frequent Marketing Mistakes Stagnating the Growth of 90% of All Businesses

As a business owner, CEO, or president of successful business you’ve done marketing of your business.  That being the case, I can make a guarantee to you right now.  I can guarantee your business has made at least 1 of these 3 common mistakes.

It really doesn’t matter how long you have been in business.  Whether it’s 5, 10, 20, 40 years or forever.  It doesn’t matter that you have gotten pretty good results.

I can still confidently tell you these mistakes have cost you money, cost you opportunity, and cost you clients.  They lose you business every day.

This isn’t about just blowing hot air up your legs to make you jump.  The fact is, I really want you to grab some piece of your current marketing materials.  Grab anything like a brochure, TV ad, magazine ad, web page, radio script, even the yellow pages if you still use it.  Do this and honestly rate yourself.  Determine on your own if what comes in the rest of this article has any value.

Let’s Start Now

#1 Mistake: Use of the 5 Forbidden Phrases

There is a specific type of phrase that, when used in your ad copy and sales copy, will pretty much guarantee your advertising results will be very poor.  The sad part is, I can also pretty much guarantee you use them right now if you have created any advertising…

This applies to both online and offline ads.

In this audio will actually get much more than 5 phrases.  I will also give you 3 ways to figure out if what you see in your ads is one of these types of killer phrases.

The phrase type is called a platitude.  It is all explained in the podcast audio on this page.  Listen closely and take notes.  Maybe you should even download the podcast for reference.

This type of phrase, platitudes, is a starting point for my consulting business.  By looking at a client’s copy and removing them, they ALWAYS experience immediate improvements in results.  If a client won’t let us remove them, then we fire the client and tell them good luck.

However, we do feel sad for them, because there advertising results will not improve until they are ready to listen.

I hope you are ready to listen now.

#2 Mistake:  Fulfillment or Ala-Carte Marketing

I’m a retired Navy Commanding Officer and I also ran a 5,000 person organization operations and the first thing I personally saw businesses doing wrong years ago when I started on my own was this unfocused advertising.

My whole success in my first “career” was because I had strategy.  Nothing was done ala carte.  Piece-meal actions rarely yielded any results, and the same is just as true in your marketing.

The sad part is, this is so common in business today, that everyone is doing it, even your competition.  That’s good news for you, because if you take the bull by the horns and fix it now, you will be the one who wins in your market.  That is not an exaggeration.

I’ll be very clear about what fulfillment or ala carte or piece-meal marketing is and it will be clear why it is the wrong way to be doing things.  It means it is marketing done without any system and anything tying the pieces together.  Systemized, strategic marketing is the only way you can get the most out of the tactics (the pieces) successfully.

The fragmented marketing approach lacks any cohesive message or clear cut system for handling your marketing.  It’s when you do this:

  • Today you buy an ad with a radio station.  Who created the final radio spot script? It was the radio station?
  • Or may you placed an ad in a magazine.  Who created the final ad creative?  The magazine company?
  • You have a brochure made today.  Who created the final product? The print company?

You see it don’t you.   They fill your ad creatives, the brochures, the videos, the websites, the magazine ad with content they developed for you, right?

Think about it.  How much more fragmented can you get.  All those different companies with completely different ideas about what your marketing message is or should be.  All have limited experience with you and 99.9% of them fill your ads with mistake #1, particularly the platitudes mixed with their version of cute little phrases.  Are you seeing how wrong this is?

You need to develop your own marketing message and not let others on multiple different teams of people in different companies who best interest is selling ads, not making your company succeed.  They seriously could care less about your position in the marketplace.

You need, no… you must have a marketing system in place.

The system will then dictate the content of your advertisements, the message, and the sequence your prospects/potential customer get taken through that ultimately takes them to your business.  Systemized marketing systems actually guide the entire decision making process.  Your system defines the criteria your prospects look for in a company, in a product or in a service.  By doing this, it leads them to buy from you and not from your competition selling with platitudes.

Another way to realize the mistake of ala carte marketing is simply to grab the last ad piece you had done.  I already know it has platitudes in it.  You are likely so used to it, you think they have to be there.  Nonetheless, think about it – how much did you pay for that ad content strategically created to guarantee maximum results?

So I am talking about the actual words and content, not the pretty pictures.  Yes, I know.  You didn’t pay a dime for the actual words. You paid only to have the ad produced, designed and you may have paid for some air time.

The content was likely thrown together for free by people who typically don’t have a clue about how to create a good marketing message.  So you get what you pay for, right?  If you never paid anyone to create the “real” message or actual content for you marketing campaigns, then you definitely got what you paid for.

Of course I am not trying to be mean, but the point is when you think about marketing, you should be thinking about your message; what you will say, and how you will say it.  Marketing is not about the marketing medium.  It’s about getting out the right message.  When you have the right message, then you figure out which medium or advertising channel will be best for you.

A real strategic system develops a message first where the ala carte, fragmented method pretty much just pokes a pole in different holes.  A marketing system is comprehensive so it facilitates the prospects decision cycle.  Knowing these things, you can then put the messages in the right mediums to get the best leads into the marketing system.  Are you seeing now how much more effective this is than fulfillment based advertising?

#3 Mistake:  Treating Your Website Like a Business Card

Day in and day out, I look at business websites.  I find that even as the web ecommerce keeps escalating, most businesses have terrible and useless websites.

I’m not talking about just being ugly.  In fact, many of the ones I see have great aesthetics.  I’m talking about being ugly in the sense they are none functional as part of the marketing system, which 99% of you don’t have either.

I’ve seen sites that business owners paid upward of 10 to 12 thousand dollars for, and they actually have no way for anyone to buy anything at all on their site and have no truly enticing means to gain a lead.  I know I can start doubling any business revenue by simply making the website part of the marketing system.  If all you want to do with a website is have a bragging place or fancy business card, you are seriously throwing away money by the bucket loads.

It doesn’t matter what business you are in.  No exceptions.  Your website must be part of your strategic marketing system.  If not, it is just a big waste.  It’s another ala carte advertising purchase not making you a single dime.

Your website should be capturing leads and making sales, and the content is what is most important… the words, not the pretty pictures or image slides or any of those useless flash sites.  It must be congruent with your marketing message and fit smartly in your marketing system.

Now you know the three most common marketing mistakes stagnating the growth of 90% of all businesses, and I invite you to learn how to solve these problems.

At Power Business Growth Marketing Specialists we use a scientific marketing system called the 5 Box System which, when implemented literally makes any business dominate its market.  The 5 Box System solves these problems and ensures our clients march to market dominance.  The entire system is gone over in detail in our 96 minute online workshop that is exclusively available to the partners in our network.  Click the button to attend…

Yes! I would Like to See the Workshop

You can also simply contact our office today and request your Power Business Growth Marketing Analysis.  This call is not a sales call, but an actual look at your existing marketing and ad materials.  We very candidly rate them and give you action steps you can take immediately to get your marketing on the right track.  We want you to know exactly how much market leverage is available to you when you eliminate the common marketing problems and implement a marketing system based on the 5 Box System.  We want you free of platitudes and creating all the profits possible.

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