Positioning in your market is critical to your existence.  Your market position is not only important to you, but to your customers, clients, and donors (if you’re a non-profit). 

Jack Trout’s book, The New Positioning: The Latest on the World’s #1 Business Strategy is a great guide for those not familiar with market positioning strategies.  While what’s in this book is not new to long-time marketers, most small and medium business owners will gain some great insights on how to move to the top of your market in the modern marketplace.

Jack Trout is a long-established business writer with an easy-going style. He is often entertaining, and doesn’t overwhelm you with endless techno-babble.

Even if you’ve recently read other books on market positioning, The New Positioning is still well worth your time.

You’ll find many tips and tidbits worth bookmarking such as:

  • Why a picture is not worth a thousand word (pg. 101)
  • Why you should stop tinkering and think small (pg. 55)
  • How and why “changing” peoples’ minds about products is a waste of time (pg 36)
  • Why being focused is the true winning strategy (pg. 64)

At times he claims it’s common sense for much of the positioning strategy. However, it this were true, we wouldn’t need his book. So, ignore these statements and absorb the rest.

The bottom line is great book on market positioning is a must for those:

  • New to marketing
  • Trying to move up in their market
  • Seeking ideas that work in gaining more of your market share local, national, or international.

Get your copy today.  It’s available here on Amazon.