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3 Sales Killing Web Design Flaws

I know you can easily feel confused about what you should or should not be looking for when finding a quality web design company that can handle designs for marketing your business. There are so many people making so many offers in a wild range of price ranges.

There are FREE websites and sites that cost tens of thousands of dollars. We’d like to help you know what’s right by revealing the 3 biggest sales killing web design flaws that easily 80% of the business sites we view suffer from.

Web Design Flaw 1: No or Very Poor Strategic Marketing Content

Most web design companies don’t provide the content for the websites they build. They pretty much build a shell, and you provide them with the content.

The reason for this is they know nothing about copy writing and marketing. They are just web designers. There companies typically don’t have any real strategic marketing consultants. When they do provide some content, it is usually full of the forbidden phrases and really not very good.

The reason for this is they simply are not copywriters and thus you pay the bucks and your website becomes a fatal flaw of your marketing. You must understand the most important part of your website is the content.

For our Power Business Growth Program, our web design customers get minimum 4 times and up to 10 times better response or more from their websites even by us just re-writing the content.

Our clients’ progress through an advanced, scientifically based consultative process to structure a strategic marketing message that your customers and leads react to by wanting more from you and buying from you instead of your competition.

You can learn about the Power Business Growth Program here.

Web Design Flaw 2: Lack of Video and Poorly Scripted Videos

The most powerful marketing mechanism you have for communicating quickly and highly effectively to your prospects is video. Most web design companies that make videos, don’t have a clue about modern marketing and fill the videos with the forbidden phrases.

These videos typically generate few, if any sales and contribute to your website failing as part of your strategic marketing system.

At Power Business Growth we include video production with our strategic marketing web design packages. Our marketing consultants work closely with you to properly script the video using our advanced process.

Just contact us with the form on our site and we will schedule a time.

Web Design Flaw 3: Ancient, Outdated Web Code

Mobile access to the internet is already surpassing the desktop numbers. This means you MUST be using what is called HTML5 web code for your websites to function correctly on these mobile devices. That’s as technical as we will get.

There are other types of code be sold to unsuspecting businesses including HTML 4, Flash websites, java sites, and other code that has long been pretty much rotten choices for web design.

Besides not being any good in the search engines, and terrible for your customers, sites with these types of codes as their base don’t function correctly on mobile devices like iPads, Kindle Fires, iPhones, Android devices, etc.

Our web design won’t sell you anything that won’t work on a mobile device. Before you make any decisions about website and before you spend any money for your company, be certain to download the Website Design Core Formula Checklist.

This easy to follow guide shows you exactly what you need to know to guarantee your next website is a real and powerful strategic marketing platform serving your customers and your company for years.

Go Here to Download the Web Design Core Formula   

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