SEO Website Design to Put You On the 1st Page

There is a serious problem online today… too many small business owners are being mislead to accept websites that simply will never be found in the search engines, and always cost more to receive traffic from online traffic sources like Google and Bing.  The reason is, the web developers don’t know how to build a website optimized for search engines.

Have you ever had a website built for you that cost hundreds (if not thousands or tens of thousands) of dollars, and then never could get it found in the search engines, no matter what you tried?  Sure, you may have found it on the 3rd, 4th, 5th or 15th page of the search results, or even further back.  The problem is, 70% of the potential customers never go past the first three results on the first page that Google or Bing present to the searcher.

Many website providers never let you in on the secret that the website they deliver really has no chance in the search engines.  A truly search engine optimized website must be unique to your business, easy to read, easy to navigate, and technically built with both search engines and customers in mind.  Sadly, this is not the case with many solutions, regardless of the price you pay.

That’s why we now offer custom, fully search engine optimized SEO website design that’s unique to your business, and we don’t charge you an arm and leg for it.  You will have full control of this website, and our full guidance for creating your initial content, if desired.  We want you to be found in the search engines where new and existing customers will really find you.

These are top of the line websites using the open source WordPress content management system.  These website are fully customized to ensure your business has the leading chance to dominate the search engine results pages for your industry and chosen categories or keywords. 

Your business SEO website design has a choice of 11 different layouts to start from.  Your header graphics are custom made to your approval.  If you need assistance in researching and determining the best SEO choices for your market, we can include this as part of your service. 

Contact us for a quote since the level of work is customized for your website and your needs.  We can help in determining best keyword phrases, content choices, and even creating information content.  Please note, we do not create your marketing content, or the content specifically about your business.  The good news is, we can help guide you to develop this for the best SEO and online advertising results.

Your website may include:

  • Have custom header graphics approved by you.
  • Be fully customized based on your choices of layouts
  • Be fully SEO optimized ready for you to add content
  • Be capable of supporting fully customized HTML page (which is essential for driving traffic)
  • Be fully mobile ready
  • Be fully Facebook compatible (can be used in Facebook fangates)
  • Be fully ecommerce ready (able to make sales online)
  • Have the latest security features (plug ins) to make you more secure from hackers
  • Provide us your professional content based on your needs.
website image

Custom SEO Optimized Traffic Magnet Website

Hosting is available for your website.  The cost is $15.00/mo and includes cPanel access for you and/or your team.  Issues regarding problems on the host server itself, or changes needed for you due to conflicts with the host are handled through the host support team.  The host support does not manipulate your website or your website content.  The host support works only technical issues related to your server.