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A common question we get at ThinkBigandGrow Media is, “How can you be so stubbornly certain you can grow local businesses 5-star reputation online and win the trust of buyers so consistently?”

This short article will make that clear…

First, we started in digital marketing as an SEO agency. Then as digital marketing evolved we developed as a market focused digital marketing strategy company using market focused research to develop reputation marketing services for small and medium business owners and CEOs. This includes not only our signature RepFluence Marketing Method, but also doing real, online PR for developing trust. This includes very practical measures you take to spread the word about your company before anyone walks through your doors.

This is done with first our Online Business Analyzer to review your business, and then building trust where you need and want it most. This is done before the customers come to your location.

Business owners and CEOs must realize and embrace the fact that 86% to 92% of all consumers (potential buyers – clients, customers, patients, and even donors) look your business up online first. They do this before ever coming to you.

Thus, your future business relationship and the trust you gain from these potential buyers starts well before they visit your location or office or purchase from you online.

This seriously goes against the common belief that the real trust and building a 5-star reputation begins after providing services to buyer. Our partner research into buyers across hundreds of markets proves this is a bad assumption, and thus provides small and medium businesses who understand this fact a way to leverage it quickly.

The Power Effects of “Priming” Trust on Client Sign Up Rate and Customer Satisfaction

Malcom Gladwell covered the ideas of priming in his book Blink. Three main methods for priming trust exists, whether done online or off. These are:

  1. Positive Priming
  2. Unprimed
  3. Negative Priming

Positive Priming is simply providing a subtle positive message to influence potential buyers. Unprimed means no effort or priming message is involved, and negative priming provides a negative message about your competitors.

You can search the internet and you will find like we did that positive priming provides up to 50% to 70% better results than either of the other two marketing priming methods. Plus, positive priming creates around a 90% customer satisfaction rate, which also 35% to 65% better than either unprimed or negative priming.

In 2009, this was demonstrated in a study by Siegrist & Cousin called, “Expectations influence sensory experience in a wine tasting.” They “primed” in 5 different ways:

  • Group 1 – before tasting of the wine’s told it had 92 out of 100 quality score.
  • Group 2 – before tasting, told the wine had scored 72 out of 100 points (an average score).
  • Group 3 – after tasting, but before rating, told of the wine’s 92 out of 100 quality score.
  • Group 4 – after tasting, but before rating, told the wine scored 72 out of 100 quality points.
  • Group 5 – Given no information before or after (this was the Control Group).

The bottom line was Group 1 significantly outscored Group 2, and pretty much trashed the results of the others.

There was no doubt the positive priming affected the consumer rating decisions.

CONCLUSION: Existing Opinions from Trusted Sources Heavily Affect Satisfaction

Tying it together for you, a business with a 5-star reputation – as with the wine study – will have perspective clients/customers/patients “primed” to pay more, and more likely to be satisfied. This clearly increases the lifetime value of the customer.

How Others 5-Star Reputation and Trust Affects Your Business

Consumers for business to business and business to consumer providers all follow certain patterns when choosing their next place to buy.  It’s not complicated, and goes generally like this…

Step 1:  Here’s the first place the look – with more doing it on mobile devices than desktops…

Google Search Box

Figure 1  A prospective buyer starts by entering a search term like “home repair contractors” plus their location, into one of the major online search engines…

Step 2:  They quickly see the Google 3-Pak (on Bing they may see 6) for a fast assessment of the choices

Google 3-Pak Image

Figure 2  Your potential buyer quickly sees who is rated and how, and typically looks to the highest rating first

Step 3:  They do a very rapid assessment of other findings on the first page results of the search to develop pre-conceived expectations

Google SERP Image

Figure 3  Your potential buyer has many choices but will only ever explore 1 or 2, based on their pre-conceived expectations from only a few results on one page…

Step 4:  An optional step as many will not do this step, but they can seek a few more options by click “More Places”

Google More Results Image

Figure 4  Again, your potential buyer quickly assesses which to call and which to ignore.  Which would you choose?

Remember, these 3 or 4 steps all occur in a matter of minutes, and even seconds for some.  A potential buyer’s decision is made very rapidly on positive priming through trust “granted” by the 5-star rating.

A Big Mistake Still Made by Most Small and Medium Business Owners & CEOs

Our research found that numerous studies of the past 2 years show that the overwhelming majority of small and medium business owners use marketing agencies or methods that ignore the powerful significance of reputation marketing services and developing trust.

They tend to opt for short-lived, one-off marketing tactics.  These type tactics either lose effectiveness quickly, or don’t deliver the results expected because of the lack of a marketing strategy.

The most common solutions selected are:

  • Aggressive Local SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Intense Social Media content (usually focusing on quantity, not quality)
  • Reputation management focusing on posting fake reviews (reputation management is NOT the same as reputation marketing)

These tactics ignore the psychological principles of a buyers online thought process.  They also are sold without an ongoing strategy, which for digital marketing requires more than employing just one of these tactics.

In all cases, many marketing companies employ methods that can generate an initial rise in trust, followed shortly by a loss in trust you can’t get back.  In some cases, it has even caused legal problems for businesses using them.

This doesn’t mean these methods can’t be used.  But they must have specific elements used in a strategy that ultimately build your online reputation and trust.  This is necessary for the potential buyer to have the correct, pre-conceived expectations about your business, so they see you as #1.

Our Solution for Getting Any Qualified Business the Positive Primer Trust

ThinkBigandGrow Media has unmatched insight into the proven techniques which give your business the pre-conceived trust needed to get potential customers from the web making you the #1 choice in their minds.  This technique delivers you customers/clients/patients typically in 7 to 10 business days.  It’s called the RepFluence Positive Primer

We do the following:

  • Markedly enhance your online visibility so you get found quickly
  • Ensure you are found via trusted media sources thus creating the positive primer you need to get customers calling and walking in the door believing in you.
  • Introduce you to an ongoing strategy to guarantee you build, manage, and market a 5-star reputation that brings in buyers