Many ask, “Why should I hire ThinkBigandGrow Media for my online marketing?”

The simple answer is we will eliminate the two biggest marketing mistakes being made today, and most “marketing consultants” and college grad marketing degree holders don’t even know what mistakes we’re talking about. It’s why you get little difference when you go from one “marketing” consultant or provider to another.

The other reason is, if you don’t hire us, we will get hired by your competitors in your market area, and you should fear that happening.

But that’s a digression.

I’m going to bring amazing value to your business right now and reveal those two big marketing mistakes…

Sit back, take notes, then check out your marketing and see if you do these. Unless you work with us, or some other very rare, in the know company, you will have both of these mistakes.

The Two Biggest, and Most Common Marketing Mistakes

First, can you guess what these mistakes might be?

Most likely not. If you think it is a bad website, bad ads, bad message, bad copy, lack of focus then you are on the right track.

The first big mistake is fragmented marketing.

Don’t worry. This is so big, even Fortune 500 companies have fallen for this mistake.

Fragmented marketing is when you buy your marketing like going to a grocery store.

You look in one aisle for one thing, then on a different shelf for another, and neither of the two really have anything to do with the other.

Think about it. Do you get your online ads from one place, your mail ads from another, your radio ads from another, your web design from another, etc.?

Then think, who is creating the message for each? The ad place, the mail ad place, the radio station, the web design firm, etc.?

They don’t all work with your best interest or from a cohesive marketing message or strategy. Your marketing is completely fragmented, and your message is out of your control.

If you don’t:

  1. Own your brand
  2. Own your Message
  3. Own your Content
  4. Own your Positioning

…you don’t own your marketing. Each “fragment” provider is making their own version of you, with you only controlling who you pay.

The first big step to successful marketing and increasing revenue is you having a means to truly “own” all of the above 4 elements.

The second biggest mistake is the use of platitudes in your marketing

What’s a platitude, you may be asking…?

A platitude in marketing is words or phrases which may be dull, or may be obvious or predictable, or maybe all three of these. Because they are overused and unoriginal, they lack any “power” to create interest. Nevertheless, these words and phrases still get used by nearly every marketing firm on the planet despite their lack of ability to make you distinctive or unique.

Some examples of marketing platitudes include:

  1. Highest quality
  2. Best service
  3. Customer is #1
  4. Customer oriented
  5. Your dealer of choice
  6. Best in {your city}
  7. Hard working
  8. State-of-the-Art
  9. Latest technology
  10. “X” years of experience
  11. Huge selection
  12. Biggest selection
  13. Etc, etc, etc.

There certainly are many more, and you only have to look on your website and then your competitors to find them. Look at your competitors’ websites, and change the business name to yours, and then think, “Could this be me?”

The answer is almost always yes, which is why you don’t stand out, and why you get “forced” to compete on price.

Platitudes literally kill market opportunities, and profits for any business using them.

Why? Simple. They lack definition and by default are abstract. They mean something different to different people reading them.

Platitudes specify nothing, cannot be proved, and don’t distinguish you in the market.

You viewers and prospects don’t believe them or say, “Well I hope that’s true” when they read them, because everyone in your market is saying the same thing.

Eliminate the platitudes and create a truly unique message, and you will stand out and you will start being able to stop competing on price alone.

This is what makes ThinkBigandGrow Media different from 99.9% or marketing consultants.

We think and work strategically so your marketing message is coherent, and unique so you stand out in your market area. We also won’t work with your competitors because, as your consultant, we think of ourselves as your partner in building your company and multiplying your profits.

There are 2 types of marketing consultants.

  1. Strategic Marketing
  2. Tactical Marketing

Ninety-nine percent of the companies approaching you are tactical marketers. ThinkBigandGrow Media is strategic, a rare and exceptional breed in today’s marketing.

What is Strategic Marketing vs. Tactical Marketing?

Good question and the answer is fairly simple.

Strategic marketing is the plan behind your marketing that makes every action you take in marketing cohesive and powerful. It is the plan behind how you enter the market.

Strategic marketing, quite literally, is what you do before you do it so that everything you do support the same outcome.

It’s the big idea behind your all your business and marketing.

It’s your purpose and process, but not your mission statement.

It’s what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to.

What strategic marketing is not, is it is not:

  1. The design of your ad
  2. The design of your website
  3. What media you advertise in
  4. The written sales copy
  5. The brochure designs
  6. You get the picture…

What strategic marketing is, is the purpose and the message. All the 6 items above will complement or present the strategy.

Most companies think they have a marketing strategy, but don’t really. The bottom line is, their “strategy” is to get more customers and make more money.

Sadly, it does not include how to do this. Their profits and revenues are more a result of market force – strength of economy.

When the economy dives, so does their business.

Tactical marketing is the implementation and execution of the strategic marketing plan. It’s doing the strategy and involves:

  1. The design of your ad
  2. The design of your website
  3. What media you advertise in
  4. The written sales copy
  5. The brochure designs
  6. You get the picture…

This is where most businesses begin and why none stand out from the other. They have no strategy to make their ala carte marketing cohesive. Is your marketing like this? Are you seeing how making your marketing strategic and cohesive will make you dominate your market?

There is little to no growth is solely tactical marketing. There are hit and miss successes, but mostly misses.

Strategic marketing is what makes ThinkBigandGrow Media different.

We start with a strategy, eliminate the two big mistakes creating the right strategy for you with our discovery process. The right strategy will eat up tactical only marketers’ every time.

We’ll take you through the strategic discovery process to build your marketing system in about 2 hours’ time. You will then know exactly how you will dominate your marketplace.

During this process, we will uncover the real “hot buttons” in your industry that really make sales. We will leverage the 3 kinds of hot buttons proven to make revenues grow.

We’ll make sure you truly answer the questions your customers want to know and that none of your competitors is answering.

You will have a process guaranteed to increase revenue and spur massive growth.

You will know how to have innovations to make your company the only company to do business with.

You will know all of this and more.

If you ready for your free consult, then go here now, before we start working for your competitors.

If you would like to know more about our program before your consult, then go here now for full details.

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