Local SEO Guide Part 1: Delivering What the Customer Wants

SEO Guide Part 1


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It’s possible your business owner friends have told you that local SEO is too difficult.

Imagine for a moment how those friends might be wrong.

Don’t worry, even if you think they’re correct. Pretend for a moment as part 1 of this local SEO guide is going to show you why improving search results is not about Google algorithms or other techno-babble no business owner wants to deal with.

Here’s Why Technology is Not the Key to Success with Search Results

The reason it’s not about the technology is because Google experiments with over 10,000 changes to their algorithms each year. From those experiments, they make 500 to 600 changes each year.

Do you believe any SEO firm can know specifics of even a fraction of these changes?

That’s why the most important thing you can focus on when you begin your SEO for your business is nailing down the user’s intent when visiting your website.

As Search Engine Land noted, search engines like Google focus on creating and finding the best user experiences.

Thus, the content on your web pages is key. You should focus on Google’s broad focus… user experience. Do this by knowing what the potential buyer would be looking for when they come to a page on your website.

How to Know What Users Want

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An example to consider. Let’s say you sell mattresses.

Follow this process:

  • So, you go to Google, and enter “mattresses”
  • In the search results, look for common “themes”
  • Look for clues from Google, like a box that says, “People also ask” that may appear on the page
  • Other clues are the results themselves. In this case, you find videos of how to buy a mattress

This shows you that people search for information about how to buy mattresses like:

  • What is the best type of mattress?
  • How do you know you need a new mattress?
  • What mattress is best for back pain?
  • What is the best online mattress to buy?
  • Etc.

But other results suggest the searchers may be looking for a place to go to find mattresses.

That’s another user intent. Finding a place to buy the mattress.

Do What Potential Customers Want, First

Creating web pages for the users’ intent is more important than writing for keywords. When you deliver what searchers seek, then Google brings your page to the 1st page results for the best keyword phrases.

The more people visit your page and stay and find more on your website, the higher your pages will rank.

Thus, the first part of any proper local SEO guide is for you, the business owner to know the intent of the searchers.

Creating your content for what your market seeks is our first big step in being successful with your pay for results Local SEO plan.

As our local SEO guide states, your customers come first. If they find what they want on your web pages, they stick with and buy from you.

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