Local SEO plans, done correctly, will make you a lot of money and bring you a lot new customers.

A well-executed plan can easily bring you new customers in 90-days or less.

Combined with a solid strategic marketing plan, it will then bring you many new customers, earning you far more than it costs, for years.

In this 5-step Local Market Dominator SEO plan for local business owners, we’ll focus only on the aspect of your plan that gets your chosen web pages to the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs). This process is essentially how any respectable SEO company doing your work operates. If they won’t share with you what they do, then you should be skeptical.

Remember, at ThinkBigandGrow Media, we do more than just get you ranked because simply getting your page on the first page results is not all you need to dominate. Nonetheless, it is a vital part of a complete local SEO plan.

What You Should Know About Internet Traffic

In general, internet traffic or visitors are easy to come by. The numbers of providers of all kinds of traffic is enormous, and they cannot begin to sell it all.

Buying traffic from the right sources is the fastest way to get high quality visitors to your website. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do search engine optimization.

SEO will bring you continuous, long-term traffic, at far less than the cost of the SEO services when done right.

Despite paid advertising or buying traffic being the fastest way to get buyers, all internet traffic is not equal. You can literally buy 25,000 visitors a month for about $25 to $40. The problem with this traffic comes from its sources. It is junk traffic and can actually damage your website’s reputation.

Periodically, we buy and test various providers of this traffic, just to reaffirm our claim. Our latest test showed the traffic we received was useless. If you have questions about what this traffic is, feel free to contact us with your questions.

Regardless of how you get your traffic, from paid advertising or from SEO, you must be getting visitors that actively look for the solutions you offer. Targeted traffic is the term most commonly used.

Both solid paid sources and local SEO will deliver highly targeted traffic if it is coherent with your strategic marketing plan. The more precisely targeted your traffic, the greater a chance of you getting a new customer from the search.

Search engine traffic is great, because you can get people exactly when they look for your precise solutions. You can target them down to the zip code, and in many cases, down to ½ mile from your business. Our Customer Infusion Traffic does this. But let’s stick to SEO for now.

The bottom line here is the more precisely targeted your traffic, the more customers you get, and the more profit your business makes. When your local SEO plan is well executed, getting results like $10,000 profit in 5 days from less than 200 visitors is possible. These numbers came from a real case study.

These profits were possible because the visitors came from a major search engine looking precisely for what was being offered on the landing page. The concept is as simple as that. When a consumer goes on Google or Bing, they very often have already decided they want something and they will find it, whether it is from you or someone else. Wouldn’t be best if the searcher found you?

How to Get Search Engine Traffic So Eager to Buy Your Offer?

Getting your site so it seems to magically attract those buyers you want is a 5-step process based on these fundamental ideas.

  • Google is the king of search, and they like relevance, quality, and authority.
    • Quality is about the content on your website. It must be good. Your web pages can’t be full of junk and rambling just to post keywords and keyword phrases.
    • Relevance is about how likely your web page represents what a person is looking for when they land on your page from the search.
    • Authority is about who is viewing your web page content. Do you get people there that really want what you have and view you as the place to get it?
  • Part of Your Quality is Being Natural. Your content must read naturally without overuse of phrases and terms for the sake of ranking in search results. Natural also means not having hundreds of links too fast or from low quality locations, or with only anchor text (we’ll explain that later) using your keywords.
  • Don’t try to fake out Google or Bing, because you will lose in the end.

The secret for us is in the Local Market Dominator SEO plan.  Let’s get started with the the 5 steps… 


The 5-Step Local Market Dominator SEO plan

This is the name we use for our proven process for ranking local and national sites for the keywords most likely to bring them buying customers.

It’s a 5-step process, you can do yourself, but will take you time and commitment to make it work. Here’s the complete 5-step process. Some of it won’t surprise you, and some might make you go hmmmm….

Regardless, if you currently use an SEO service and you see your results constantly varying, they likely try to “cheat” the search engines. This means maybe they did get you to the top of the results, but then, after a few months, you were gone from first page. This happens because the SEO provider is trying to engage “loopholes” which never have a lasting effect.

Let’s get started with our process…

Step 1 – About Your Money Site

Your money site is the place the online searcher will land after clicking on your site in the search results.

For a local business, this should be your business name or brand. However, if you choose to use something else for a new product, then you might want to consider finding and aged domain and purchasing that domain name.

You can find them at places like GoDaddy’s ExpiredDomains.net. There you can find “close out domains” for 8 to 10 dollars. A domain that’s 2 or 3 years old, and about 100 backlinks, and still ranks in Google. This can help you rank faster, but certainly IS NOT necessary.

Your money site or pages must have high quality content. Use as many media types as you can. Use of video, audio, and images mixed appropriately will make your page high quality.

Finally, your page should have:

  1. A meta title containing your keyword or keyword phrase. The meta title is the page title that appears at the top of your page tab in the web browser. Your page title should also be in the html tag of H1 where it appears on your page. You should also be using the H2 and H3 html elements as well.

This sounds technical, but bear with us here, because these very few technical aspects must be done to get your selected web pages ranking on the first page results. If you use a web service or webmaster, they should know exactly what this is. If they don’t, fire them, and get someone who does.

  1. The images you place on your landing pages for the search results should have what is called and “alt tag.” This tag is to describe what the picture is, and should include your keyword phrase. Thus your images should be direct representations of your keyword phrases. If the image has nothing to do with your keyword, then don’t put the keyword in it, but still use the alt tag to describe the image. Again, any webmaster should know what the alt tag is.
  2. Local business should use Geo tags on images as well and include a Google map whenever possible.
  3. Use a resource called Schema. Schema is a collaborative community to provide a standard way to promote and identify structured data on the internet. The search engines do like sites that use Schema. You can find how to use Schema by searching Youtube for How to Use Schema
  4. Have your pages reviewed for errors. Eliminate all code errors because any code errors can prevent your page from being ranked, and even prevent your entire website from having any pages listed.
  5. If you use WordPress, then make sure you use good plugins. We use Yoast SEO for SEO, and WP Fastest Cache for site speed. We also like SEO Friendly Images for getting your images labeled correctly.

Don’t get all uptight with the technical stuff, because you can easily outsource this, and we include this in our local and national SEO plans.

Follow these principles for YouTube posts as well. YouTube asks for titles, tags, and descriptions. Titles should include keyword phrases. Tags should also include keywords. Your description should be detailed and make sense while including your keyword phrase. Add a transcript to your video as well.

Make sure, in the process of implementing the technical steps, you maintain your quality and relevance. Google and Bing want to deliver the searcher exactly what they look for. Thus you must stay relevant.

Relevance includes where you link to from your page, keyword phrases, and related phrases supporting the meaning of your content and clarifying the meaning of your keywords. One place to get words of high relevance is to look up your topic in Wikipedia. Use words and phrases used there in your content. All of this in Step 1 is also known to SEO agencies as on page SEO.

Step 2 – Selecting Your Anchor Text

What is anchor text? Look in this article. You see groups of words with a link leading to another page. The groups of words sitting “on top” of the links are the anchor text.

In the early 2000s, an SEO would but your keyword phrase in the anchor text in as many places as possible. This, at the time, got you top rankings much faster. There remains many still telling people to do this. Unfortunately, doing this will kill your search engine ranking.

In today’s SEO where looking natural is very important, you must not have too many anchor text links pointing from other websites to your web page using keyword phrase anchor text. It is a rank killer, not enhancer.

We strive to have less than 2 in every 100 links from offsite containing keyword phrase anchor text.

So how do you know how much or how many anchor text links point to your site?

One tool is Majestic. Here you can see quickly what anchor text is being used to link to any site.

In the example, we put in CNN.com to do the example. Simply enter cnn.com in their search window and hit enter.

5-Step Local SEO Plan for First Page Search Engine Rankings

Then we get the results that include a graph showing you your numbers of backlinks and the anchor text being used to point back to your website. Very simple.

5-Step Local SEO Plan for First Page Search Engine RankingsNotice that 87% of the anchor text pointing back to CNN is text other than something about CNN. Your goal is to have around 98% to not be any of your keywords.

The “other” anchor text can be anything at all like…

  • Click here
  • See details here
  • Get the complete story
  • Etc, etc.

The “other” anchor text can literally be anything.

2 Ways to Fix Anchor Text Balance

If you go to Majestic and find you have anchor for certain keywords exceeding the 2% goal, then you should try to fix your anchor text balance.

We have two ways we prefer to do this.

  1. One is by using press releases.
  2. The other is by using videos.

A good press release, syndicated from a respected press release site like PRWeb. A good press release will get you dozens if not hundreds of authoritative backlinks. In your press release you can add backlinks. These backlinks should not be keyword phrases. They should literally be anything else.

Your press release can be about anything you want the public to know about your business. Even something like recognizing your business as a great business by your customers.

Two places we like are PRWeb.com and MarketersMedia.com.

The other great way to your link count up and control your anchor text comes from Video Links. This is true because, 40 or more video sites exist where your videos can be syndicated.

When you syndicate your videos, you control the backlinks and anchor text.  Now on to step 3… 

Step-3: Social Signals

What are social signals? These signals are the likes and shares, the retweets, the re-posting of things your post on various social sites and from people directly sharing your content.

Many people think this is hard when they don’t have a good social set up for their business. But you can make it easy, here’s how…

There are many services on the web that act as social media exchanges. They create the signals for you. They get real signals from real social accounts.

Follow.net is one place to do this. They do it by bidding for signals. It works, it’s fast, so you can get the signals.

How many social signals do you need to be competitive?

There’s a tool to tell you that as well. It’s at SEO Chat. You can go here now to see it.

All you need to do is drop the link of a page of a similar site that is top ranking in the box, and click submit to see how many social signals your competing site have. That will be your goal.

5-Step Local SEO Plan for First Page Search Engine Rankings

Local business should not fear this step because most of your competitors have few if no social signals. By you getting the signals, you solidify your position to easily move to the top ranking spots in the search results pages.

Don’t rush this. Look natural. Just get a few at a time to ensure you have a natural looking foundation.

Step-4: Getting Backlinks from Other Sites

It is true, for low competitive content, you can likely get ranked by just doing the first 3 steps. However, for moderate to highly competitive markets and keywords, you will need backlinks.

These factors must be adhered to in order to assure your backlinks have value for ranking…

  1. Your backlinks must be high quality. A quality link is one from a good, solid web site and not a site full junk.
  2. Your backlinks must be on very relevant web sites. If you sell band aids, then your backlinks should be on sites about first aid and basic medicine. It should not be on a site about dog food.
  3. The site where your backlink is resting should be an authority site. That’s a web site that has real visitors, it’s been around a few years, you know it has social signals so it is a respected web site.

Without these three things above, you will be seen by Google and Bing as a low authority site and have a difficult time getting ranked. In fact, if you get too many low quality backlinks, you may never rank. So stay away from low quality links.

Don’t use artificial links or paid links. Google is very, very good at detecting these sources. You must use what SEOs call “white hat SEO.” No playing tricks, you will get caught. The result is Google may even remove you from their index.

Because we never used anything close to “black hat” methods at ThinkBigandGrow Media, our procedures have always survived updates by Google and Bing. On occasion, we say temporary drops for some of our clients because the “update” by Google took a little time to “smooth out.” These slight drops easily returned to the top by maintaining our proven methods.

Step-5 Secret Sauce

This step is a power step and a proprietary step for our services, so we cannot share it here because we don’t want anyone to know how we do this. It is not black hat, so don’t fear.

Also, for the overwhelming majority of local business, you only need steps 1 through 3 and possibly just a little of step 4. For those wanting the most powerful SEO, we apply step 5.

For any of our clients, we use the full 5-step process. We want you to dominate and never have to worry about losing your top ranking position.

What Else You Can Do to Be an Authority Site

For most local business, we actually start the process by making you an authority. We do this using your online reputation. If you don’t have an online reputation, we build you one that is 5-stars.

If your online reputation is bad, we start by making you good. This does involve training, but we train you and your staff. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult and it’s not reputation management.

At ThinkBigandGrow Media, we don’t do only reputation management because management is not how you dominate. As a veteran owned business, we want you to win big. Power marketing is how you dominate, and thus we do reputation marketing. We call it the Local Market Dominator system. To learn more about how this works, read about it here.

If you’re unsure where you should begin, or want to know more, just fill any of the forms you find on this page, and tell us how we can help.

Note: We are a Virtual Company. Completing the form sends it directly to a real person who will respond and get you the fastest response. If you call, because we are busy, you will likely get a voicemail. Be sure to leave a message so we can get back to you. We can’t help you dominate if you don’t tell us how to talk to you. You can also schedule a time on our calendar by clicking the “Schedule an Appointment” link in the Contact menu at the top.