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5-Step Local SEO Plan for First Page Search Engine Rankings

Local SEO plans, done correctly, will make you a lot of money and bring you a lot new customers. A well-executed plan can easily bring you new customers in 90-days or less. Combined with a solid strategic marketing plan, it will then bring you new customers for years.

In this 5-step Local Market Dominator SEO plan for local business owners, we’ll focus only on the aspect of your plan that gets your chosen web pages to the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs).

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How to Create a Website Design to Generate Sales and Leads

A simple and effective way for your business to know how to create a website design that puts your competitors to shame.

You’ve likely asked “How can I design my website for my business, and make it really get sales and leads instead of being just a fancy, online doormat?”

It certainly should be important for a business that the website design you choose can actually get customers to take actions leading to sales. But for 99% of all small and medium businesses, their websites do little to boost sales. Here’s how to change that…

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Prevent NAP Errors from Losing You Customers

In an age where social media is more relevant than local newspapers and local listings are more relevant than the physical Yellow Pages, it has become increasingly important to maintain a consistent business profile online.

Keeping your name, address and phone number consistent is key. This video shows how to stop NAP errors from losing you customers.

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How to Use Your Blog to Get More Customers

Attracting local business using a blog could be among the most effective strategies currently available. Potential customers can utilize a blog to initiate contact with a company. With constant changes to Google’s methods, blogging can also enhance rankings by making your site more relevant to the local market. Watch this video to discover how.…

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