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I’m certain you fully understand the massive value of using video for your business marketing. But there is one single most important factor in video production…

You may be thinking it’s the quality of the video production, or the lighting, or the acting, editing, or sound or some other production thing. But it’s none of those things.

The single most important element is the words… the video script.

Sadly, the fact remains that most video production companies are not using trained copywriters. This get you scripts that typically don’t produce the results you should expect.

The companies with trained copywriters often use outdated practices and their scripts are loaded with the forbidden phrases so your video impact is truly limited.

As a Power Business Growth Program Client, we never create a video for you until we’ve completed an extensive consultation so that our scripts are highly leveraged for maximum effect. This means prospects who watch the video are far more likely to buy from you than your competitors. Our process is based on scientific analysis and human nature, not entertainment and creativity. You need your prospects to take action.

Before you make any investment in video production for your marketing, make sure you download our FREE whitepaper, “Video Marketing Core Formula.” In this whitepaper you’ll learn basic strategies for marketing your videos plus 10 rules to maximize effectiveness of video marketing, and the forbidden phrases never to use in your videos or any marketing.

You can download this whitepaper right now by visiting our free reference library.

Video Marketing Core Formula

Video Marketing Core Formula

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