Every business owner and CEO knows their business has a digital and personal aspect.  Digitally, there is the company website, social media, review sites, and digital marketing along with the brand reputation found online.  On the personal side, there is the real contact and interaction with real customers/clients/patients/donors you and your employees have every day.  This creates the brand reputation found online.  Together,  this makes up the reputation economy and the RepFluence Marketing Method is the driver.

Increasingly, what drives both is what Wired Magazine called the reputation economy back in 2012. As Wired accurately stated, “Welcome to the reputation economy, where your online history becomes more powerful than your credit history.”

The importance of the reputation economy is so big that Entrepreneur Magazine noted in 2015 when evaluating the vital importance of your online reputation, “It’s a no-brainer really. Relevant, kick-ass results that direct people to the right information is bound to result in more business.”

In 2016, Forbes Magazine went so far as to declare to that reputation marketing is the way to win the future.

The “Obvious” Facts Backing the Reputation Economy

Regardless of how much anyone or any business wants to pretend their business isn’t affected by online interactions with real people, the facts simply prove them wrong.  Wired, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Forbes have all been proven to be dead on correct.  Here’s why…

As Bright Local and others have shown, 92% or more of all consumers go online to find brand reputation by reading online reviews.  They also confirmed many times that the star rating is the number 1 factor a consumer uses to make their business choice.

The Royal Economic Society showed as early as 2012 how, when a restaurant moves from 3.5 stars to 4 stars, their revenue grows as much as 19%.  That’s the impact of a ½ star increase.  How can anyone ignore this?

In 2015, Sebastian Ullrich set out to investigate the effects of different response options to a negative consumer review.  In his study, he found “that a positive customer review counteracts a negative consumer review more effectively than a positive brand response, whereas brand strength moderates this relationship. Including a reference to an independent, trusted source in a brand or a customer response is only a limited strategy for increasing the effectiveness of a response.”

There’s many more studies with comparable results, proving that what is truly behind a business dominating both online and offline is their online reputation.  When something is this powerful, then marketing it only serves to create a marketing baseline that enhances every other aspect of a business’s marketing of any kind.

What’s Missing in Reputation Marketing

It’s clear that reputation management is a “service” of the past because of its limited effectiveness, and never qualified as a marketing strategy.  In fact, we’ve nearly always considered it a waste of money because it rarely makes money.  At best, reputation management only prevents loss of money.  That’s not good enough for us.

Reputation marketing contrasted with reputation management provides an aggressive means to make money with a legitimately established brand reputation.  The facts back this up, but something is missing.

Until recently, there were few (if any) marketing providers (fulfillers or consultants) providing any clear strategy to make reputation marketing meet its full potential.  While some very large companies like Amazon, Ebay, and a few others have powerful internal strategies, their methods are just too expensive for the typical small business owner or medium business CEO.

That’s why I wrote the book on RepFluence Marketing with the RepFluence Marketing Method to back it up.  A marketing method without a coherent strategy and tactics is just a lot talk, and very difficult to deliver with results.  The RepFluence Marketing Method fixes this and more.

RepFluence Marketing Method Framework

The Complete and Proven RepFluence Marketing Method Pathway.

The RepFluence Marketing Method gives a business owner or CEO a clear strategic pathway to implement powerful reputation marketing tactics in a way that maximizes brand exposure and ability to influence buying actions with measurable customer/client generating power.

The RepFluence Marketing Method provides:

  • A clear strategic pathway for reputation marketing integrated with social media, video marketing, and digital advertising
  • Eliminates technical requirements and burdens on business owners or CEOs to learn new skills to make work
  • Provides a clear timeline for creating results a business can measure
  • Is extremely low cost contrasted with the extreme high value it delivers building a 5-star reputation and bringing buyers in the door.
  • Uses technology without burdening the business with technology overwhelm of any kind

The RepFluence Marketing Method is designed specifically to drive your business to dominate the reputation economy that is the market reality for business owners. By dominating the reputation economy for your specific market, you literally gain the ability to:

  • Gain and continually obtain endless incoming stream of 5-star reviews
  • Be first in the mind of 55% of your market
  • Give 92% or more of the market exactly what they want to find when search for your type service or products
  • Create a powerful brand reputation with tactics to keep it first in mind for consumers seeking your type services or products
  • Do it all at unbelievable value and ROI for your business using the RepFluence Marketing Method

Here’s Why You Should Take a Closer Look at the RepFluence Marketing Method

As I said at the beginning, until now, reputation marketing solutions can be very expensive, and thus you feel you can’t compete with the big companies in your local market.

The other problem was, most of the services for small business were simply marketing fulfillment services, with no real strategy or tactics to support it.  Additionally, the “tech overwhelm” many “solutions” delivered left you with the feeling that even at a lower cost it was too much.

The RepFluence Marketing Method takes proven marketing strategy, RepFluence Marketing, and removes the tech overwhelm, removes the massive training spool up that normally causes you to quit, and provides all the tactics and fulfillment done for you.

Yes, you read that right, it is all done for you.  In the RepFluence Marketing Method community, you get short videos that show you what we do for you – not countless hours of training of what you must do. In fact, many of the short videos simply show you what to provide us so we can make it happen.  You just fill out a short form and send us what we need.  We do the rest.

You get the automation to make it work, and you get one extremely simple tactic to put in place.  This essentially needs you to simply get customers/clients/patients or donors to sign in or register with you.

Yes, it is that simple.  So, don’t be fooled by the simplicity, because it’s the results in market domination, and 5-star brand reputation that keeps customers coming in and calling that you never imagined having before.

For more on the RepFluence Marketing Method, simply review the details here.

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