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Market Domination With Digital Marketing for Small and Medium Business Just Got Way Easier

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Get Step-By-Step Guidance, Training and Support, and Automation to Grow Your Business, Gain More Customers, Create a 5-Star Online Reputation & Totally Dominate Your Market in 90 Days With Zero Tech Overwhelm

“There’s a Clear Path For Leading Your Market!”

At the heart of The RepFluence Marketing Method lies a simple framework and operating cycle based on reputation marketing and a clear cycle of automation that cuts out 95% of the time, frustration and overwhelm related to virtually every aspect of online marketing for small and medium business owners.  Building, Managing and Marketing a true 5-Star Reputation just became as easy as showing up, clicking, watching and repeating (but you do need to show up)…

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RepFluence Marketing Framework and Authority Cycle Image

The Perfect “Reputation Marketing Success Environment”

Having a game plan is great until technology, techno-babble, and expensive systems leave you stuck (and you will get stuck).

As successful business owners seeking to command your market to create the success for your life, family and future you deserve, having the right core framework is essential.  This includes each of these four critical components required for success, so you can keep moving forward with fewer setbacks and reduced frustration.

This is not an online coaching program where I talk a lot, and you do all the work.

In fact, you do very little work, and I have all the fulfillment done for you.  So instead, this is an online consulting and fulfillment program designed from the start to eliminate you having to learn a bunch of techno-babble crap you don’t really have time for, and maybe don’t even want to know – ever.

The 90-day timeline works out to requiring 2.4 minutes of your time per day.  That does not include weekends!

You get the background you need to know so you know exactly what is happening in your business.  We deliver the products, the software, the setup, and even the execution of much of the program for you.

We’re here to work for you and with you, show you why we do what we do in the order we do it, help refine your marketing while building your 5-star reputation, and create real value in the form of referral quality customers from the web.

There is no one else whom we are aware of, offering a true consulting and fulfillment program of this high caliber designed to truly bring in more customers without you doing it all yourself or having to pay a very hefty consulting and access fee.

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A Clear Path Finally Exits

You’re next step is always clear, with expert training and support through every step of the plan

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RepFluence Marketing Advance Level Bullet
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Say Goodbye to Expensive Consulting and Confusing Technical Solutions Forever

Rather than sell businesses one fulfillment product, platform or program after another that only solves one part of the digital marketing puzzle, then requires another, and then another; often leading to more frustration and technical overwhelm – we offer a complete “closed loop” reputation marketing system that can take you from lost online with no control of your reputation, to generating referral quality leads and sales, full control of your online reputation, and market domination.

RepFluence Marketing Authority Level

Find the Reality of Your “True” Online Reputation

Authority Analyzer Icon

Find your real position online.  Uncover what consumers say about your business in places you may have overlooked, and what’s missing now from your online authority profile.  Learn how to know where to look and access our authority analyzer tool.

Fix and Build First Steps of Online Authority

Authority Builder Icon

Take your first steps to establish missing baseline authority elements, repair errors uncovered and begin the building process.  Get your online profile reflecting the professional you are, and start up the ladder to being exactly what consumers want.

Boost What Authority You Put In Place

Authority Accelerator Icon

Create a world-class presence with our Local Market Authority Framework.  Take the first steps to marketing your reputation that moves you up in the searches and in the minds of your most likely consumers, clients, patients, or donors.

RepFluence Marketing Advance Level

Steps Augmenting “New” Authority

Authority Augmentor Icon

Take your new, world-class presence and up it another notch your competitors never imagined.  Add this one element to your online authority and the Local Market Authority Framework cements you as the leader in your market, without question.

Make Your Branding Match Your Reputation

Authority Brander Icon

Adding a new dimension to your reputation marketing, bringing your branding to match your unquestioned level of authority.  Here’s how you start making your business look like any of the best

Put Your Building, Managing and Marketing on Autopilot

Authority Automation Icon

Now the RepFluence Marketing is ready for automation.  This step puts your authority and reputation building, managing, and marketing on autopilot.  No techno-babble, we set it all up for you.  You just follow simple steps, and watch the 5-stars reviews grow.

RepFluence Marketing Ascend Level

Spread and Market Your Brand Everywhere

Become the Dominant Brand in Your Market’s Social Media

Take Your Offer, Brands & Reputation to Whole New Levels of Exposure

Dominator Market Syndication Icon

Taking your reputation and everything about it and getting put everywhere possible regularly, and professionally. Learn how to get your market message consistent, and spread in more ways than most ever considered.

10X Social Magnetizer Icon

Discover how to market your brand in powerful ways on Social Media.  See how to put the 10X Social Media Funnel in action to make you look like a “Fortune 1000” brand that your market consumers, patients, clients or donors brag about.

10X Market Retargeter Icon

You learn how to keep your message in front of 100% of viewers of your content until they are ready to buy.  The strategy you uncover here saves you money while 10X’ing everything about your digital advertising and results.

This is what makes the RepFluence Marketing Method product so different.  You spend very little time getting the background you need in just the business terms that are necessary for you to know what’s happening.   Once you’ve gone through a short lesson, you get us to do all the work putting the steps in place.

In other words, we DO THE WORK For you.   And, without expensive consulting fees, you get direct access to our lead business adviser.  That way, you can get feedback and assitance so you never feel left out of the loop or stuck and not advancing.

And the best part, we don’t charge any fees or commisions beyond your community access to make it all happen for you.  You pay your small membership fee, we deliver massive marketing and fulfillment value, and you keep all the profit from the sales you get from building, managing and marketing your 5-star reputation online.

Here’s What’s Included With the RepFluence Marketing Method for Small and Medium Business…

As our client, you have demanded a complete marketing solution for your online sales, branding, search and mobile without all the phone calls, the a la carte fulfillment, and horrific frustration and pain of countless and overwhelming technical solutions you just don’t have the time to handle…

The RepFluence Marketing Method is more than just a reputation marketing method.  It’s a complete marketing solution with the guidance and the automation included and we do all the set up and training for you.  No step leaves you having to buy more, or seek other solutions.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Direct access to the RepFluence Marketing Method Community membership site ($97 per month or $1,164 annual value)
  • Exclusive step by step training videos to make your progress fast ($697 value)
  •  Growing library of easy to use RepFluence marketing frameworks ($397 value)
  • Full Access to the Local Market Dominator Suite Platform ($695 value + $1,200 setup waived – total $9,540 value)
  • 10X Market Dominator Retargeting Funnel – 2 to 5 Ad Sets (21 per set) – ($297 Value each – number depends on payment choice)
  •  30 min 1:1 phone consultation with Wayne Sharer, author and creator of RepFluence Marketing ($997 value)
  • Local Market Dominator Suite ($695 per month value; $1,200 setup fee waived)
    • Includes customer relationship management (CRM) platform
    • Includes Email mail marketing platform
    • Includes industry-leading Reputation management platform
    • Includes world-class Reputation Marketing Platform
    • Includes custom Review and Survey Page and Feedback System
  • 3-6 Hollywood Style Accelerator Videos ($891 value – number depends on payment choice)
  • 1 – 3 Augmentor Spotlight interview Video Highlighting You as the Market Leader ($397 value each – number depends on payment choice)
  • 4 – 6 Complete Social Cover Set of 6 Social Covers ($2,400 to $3,600 value – depending on payment choice)

Are You Ready to Get Growing, Add Customers, and Dominate Your Market?

Your next step you should be taking will always be clear, with world-class training, guidance and support every step of the way

Because of Very Restricted Openings, If You Would Like to Know if Your Business Qualifies, Please Complete the Form Below, and then Schedule a Time Convenient for You to Talk to Our Lead Business Adviser.

Note:  We do not do sales calls.  Our lead business adviser simply wants to make sure you're a good fit for the program before we do anything else.  Contact us today and reserve a no obligation, free Skype or phone chat so that we can listen, explore and customize your digital marketing and trust plan specifically for you. We think you’ll be genuinely surprised by what you discover.

Send a few details to see if you qualify..

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Guarantee seal

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

“You should not have to worry if you made the right move.  Therefore, since I pride myself and my business in Top Quality consulting, advising, and coaching, I willingly assume all the risk. Your investment in your business with this program and platforms is backed by my “100%, no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t think this is the best choice you could of made and find it is the most effective, simple to follow and immediately useful marketing program and platforms you have ever had in one place, just tell me and I’ll refund you, no questions asked.” 

Who is the RepFluence Marketing Method Right For?

RepFluence Marketing has helped Businesses From the Following Industries build, manage and market a solid 5-star reputation and dominate their market…

Local Business and Retail

Travel, Restaurants, Hotels

Medical, Dental, Patient Care

Local Business and Retail
Travel, Restaurants, Hotels
Medical, Dental, Patient Care

Veterinary Services

Legal Services

Pest & Animal Control

Veterinary Services
Legal Services
Pest and Animal Control Services

Ecommerce Businesses

Consulting & Coaching

Remodeling & Construction

Ecommerce Businesses
Consulting & Coaching
Remodeling & Construction

Our Total Core Values 

Listed Below are the Values Core to You Getting the Most from Us:

We stand by a strict “no internet marketing unethical, scammy” policy. We do not employ fake scarcity or constantly resetting countdown timers, etc.  Our commitment is to business owners wanting real marketing strategies and solutions…

RepFluence Marketing Method Core Values

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the RepFluence Marketing Method Different from the Rest?


The RepFluence Marketing Method is a major shift to the marketplace for both small and medium businesses. When you look into high-end digital marketing consulting and advising, you’re expected to dish out big bucks (with few, if any, guarantees). Then there are the low-end marketing fulfillment products and apps you get calls and emails about everyday. You often deal with mostly people hijacking the term consultant, but doing nothing more than offering a fulfillment product with no strategy and/or no clear path to success.

There is not and has not been a clearly defined, step-by-step membership that teaches you a proven digital marketing strategy leveraging reputation marketing with other digital marketing and does all the fulfillment for you – until now.

The RepFluence Method includes all of the strategy training, premium support, frameworks, and consulting mentorship you need to succeed in 90 days or less at gaining more customers from the web; building managing and marketing a 5-Start online reputation, all at an unbelievably affordable cost.

Essentially, the RepFluence Marketing Method makes it possible for any business serious about taking control of their digital marketing and online reputation, ending the tech overwhelm, and not having to break their bank with risky marketing attempts to dominate their market. We’ve often been told it’s 10 years ahead of anything else out there – but we’ll leave you to be the decider on that.

How can this be so low cost? What's the catch?

An excellent question because everything seems to have catches. Most quality consulting costs from $25,000 to $75,000 per year or more. This can easily put the “real” solutions out of reach of many small business owners. Other trainings and marketing platforms offering similar features cost $1,200 to setup and from $4,800 to $10,000 per year to license their use.

The RepFluence Marketing Method is specifically designed to give you a clear pathway (start to finish) to clearly understand the complete reputation marketing strategy. The business owner has very little do technically. We provide the platforms and apps needed, and the consulting in the membership community you need for success that the expensive consulting and top-level platforms fail to provide.

The catch is, you will succeed, and because you love it, you will count on us for your future marketing growth and needs when you have them.

Why does this cost so much?

This question is common mostly to those who haven’t tried putting a digital marketing system in place or haven’t tried digital advertising in places like Adwords or Facebook. So it’s not their fault, but they aren’t familiar with all that goes into the consulting and fulfillment needed for online success in a true reputation marketing strategy and system.

Our platforms and tools are world-class. We found and license the best. We deliver all the strategy training in the community, and then build and show you how to use the tools and platforms. This literally costs many hours of time, and then the platforms must be managed on the back-end by us.

Normally, marketing agencies, consultants and fulfillers charge upwards of $10,000 per year, just for the platform. Quality consultants charge a minimum of $25,000 per year for their time. We found a way to do both for less because we value of what the RepFluence Marketing Method has to offer. When you have this in place, you will, too.

Additionally, we don’t want every business in town using this. The RepFluence Marketing Method is an industry leading methodology and platforms at an unbelievably affordable cost. It is not for people who invest in “solutions” and then do nothing with them. We seek to ensure your business can dominate your market, and that means following this proven pathway. If the value is not recognized, then it’s not a good fit for those who don’t see it.

How long to start seeing results?

The RepFluence Marketing Method is laid out as a 12-week plan. This is a very loose time-line as it can easily be completed much faster – as fast as one half the time-line laid out. All lessons are immediately available when any pre-requisite training in the time-line is complete. We don’t hold back content.

Each of the 3-levels potentially brings in new customers nearly as soon as you complete it. Each level brings in higher volumes of customers, sales, leads, donations, etc. How much is really only limited by how well you implement and execute. We’ve made it easy, because we provide you all the tools and platforms needed, do the setup for you, and guide you through the use and simple tactics to virtually guarantee a high ROI.

I don't have time for training. I already work 14 hours or more running my business.

The RepFluence Marketing Method is specifically designed to create more free time for the owner by having a clear path to boosting your sales by building an online reputation that truly influences buying actions with your company… thus boosting sales.

When creating the pathway, we knew the business owners typically do work many more hours keeping their business running then most consumers imagine.  That’s why the longest single lesson is under 15 minutes.  Nearly all are less than 10 minutes and many are 5 minutes or less.

The training is designed to simply let you know what is happening, and the small steps you must do, while we do most of the hard work for you as you can see in the fulfillment provided in the form of graphics, social covers, online ads, and applications.  We do all of that as part of your investment.

This program is specifically designed to ultimately free your time, so you make more money and grow – and to save you money on marketing because we know for a fact you cannot get a complete marketing system delivered to you with a clear path to overwhelming success, and that includes all the fulfillment provided here without paying a whole lot more.

How does this program work?


Instead of selling you one little piece of the marketing pie that likely doesn’t fit cohesively with your current marketing, the RepFluence Marketing Method takes you through a step-by-step pathway of short, easy to absorb lessons. Each point of the path steadily completes a detailed reputation marketing strategy combined with a digital ad and social media strategy.

At each point requiring a tool or marketing platform, we give you that platform.  We either show you how to use it, or set all up for you or both as needed.

In each level, you will realize growth in customers from the web, and growth in your 5-Star reputation, steadily moving your business to the leading position in your market area.

As soon as you sign up, you get immediate access to the community area where you find the training, videos, consulting, frameworks, and how to get the needed platforms. We don’t drip feed, or time delay any content so you can work as fast as you want. You also receive direct access to Wayne and his team to solve any burning questions or problems related to the RepFluence Marketing Method materials or platforms.

What if I simply don't understand any of this digital marketing stuff?

Since we know business owners want to run their business and not necessarily be the technology expert, that’s why we take care of all the tech-stuff for you. You do need to do the short lessons so you complete the few things we simply cannot do for you, and so you understand how you leverage the strategy and platforms.

So even if you hate technology problems but know you need to be in the digital game online because your customers are there looking for you – the RepFluence Marketing Method is for you. We have business owners of all levels of expertise. We only encourage that you be willing to take action with the program so you can really scale your business like you deserve.

Is a long-term contract or any contract required?

No. We don’t require a contract because we know it’s your choice to join the RepFluence Marketing Method, and your decision to choose us will be “cemented” as a solid excellent choice with each step you take after logging in.

Once you start taking action, we know you will agree the membership, training, consulting, frameworks, tools and platforms are indeed world-class, and deliver a true environment to dominate your market by building, managing and marketing a true and steadily growing 5-Star online reputation.

If you disagree, you’re free to part paths when you choose. We simply want you to find the success you want as you choose to.

What kind of business does the RepFluence Marketing Method work for?

The snippy answer is any kind of business that wants to dominate their market should use this.

We developed this pathway from years of helping businesses in all markets. This includes business to business types, and business to consumer types, as well as non-profits.

It also works for ecommerce, authors, speakers, and – yes – even network marketers.

Why? Because the consumer doesn’t care if you are a service, a retail store or a network marketer. They go online, regardless of any of this. They try to find you and the RepFluence Marketing Method puts you and your 5-star reputation front and center, regardless of your market or model.

Business to Business providers will gain even more, because most B2B think they don’t need this without realizing that their buyers from other companies do try to find them online first and seek their reputations. The RepFluence Marketing Method will put the B2B business using it in the forefront.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Definitely. If you’re not happy for any reason, we will honor a full money-back guarantee during the first 30 days – no questions asked.

DISCLAIMER: We’ve taken every possible effort to ensure we accurately represent our product, community membership and it’s potential to help you build, manage, and market your 5-star business reputation for real sales. However, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques you learn from us. Your level of success in attaining similar results to results mentioned is dependent upon a number of factors including your skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy and customer commitment, and just willigness to actually follow through. Any forward-looking statements outlined on our sites or in our products are simply our view of future potential, and thus are not guarantees or promises for actual performance by you. As stipulated by FTC law, we make no guarantees that you will achieve any results from our ideas or models presented in the products, and we offer no professional legal or financial advice.  We simply guarentee to deliver exactly what we offer.

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