High-Value Media & Community Relations Consulting

Tired of feeling like doors in New York are closed to your business?  Get an inside avenue to the connections that will help your business grow without the headaches and closed doors.

Clients eligible for our relationship strategy services have:

1. A Vibrant and Active Business already. Our relationship consulting services are for companies that fully up and running and want to grow faster and bigger in their market. We do not work with:

  • Start ups
  • Adult themed companies
  • Get rich quick marketers

2. An established lead and customer base. This simply means you’re already getting new customers and making sales. You do marketing and promoting to sell your services. Being a household name is not necessary, you just need a solid presence in your market.

3. A solid reputation and good products/services. You will get increased brand exposure and sales working with us. A big part of this effort is by generating market leading goodwill. Your established reputation is key to rapid growth.

4. You understand that our relationships are powerful, and you will not mislead us, your clients or customers, or our contacts.

That’s all you need.

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We’ve Been Building Political Consulting Firm Connections For Over 12 Years

Your success, growth, and access are all that matters to us. As your representative, we use our skills in independent government relations consulting in New York to ensure you quickly connect with the right people who can help your business grow, and get you the access you need to be represented with the right officials and investors in New York.

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