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Power Marketing Consulting Services

Any company worth its salt selling a product or service highly valuable to its market is going to be very good at doing what they do.  Unfortunately, just having a good product or service is not enough.  You already know how lower quality competitors can get the bigger share of your market by having better marketing.  These smart companies, similar to yours, use professional marketing consultants who don’t just fulfill services, they guide you to measurable growth in profits and revenue.  It’s why lesser quality can frequently dominate their market.

Power Business Growth Marketing Consulting is an experienced team using a comprehensive approach to creating strategy for your marketing and who can deliver like no one else.  The Power Business Growth Marketing Program is tested and proven across many industries and has consistently moved clients to the #1 position in their markets. 

Power Business Growth Marketing Program is science and facts based on real studies and real models of marketing results.  It combines the best known, and most effective methods of experts like Eben Pagen, Claude Hopkins, Richard Harshaw, David Ogilvy, Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern, Steve Jobs and many others.

Our consulting is based on the principles of the Power Business Growth Marketing Program and can be found by clicking here.

One Time Project (one fee): $5,000 to $50,000

A one-time marketing project is a marketing campaign that entails the entire strategic development or the Power Business Growth Marketing Program.  The actual fee is based on the full scope of the project.  This solution if for those companies who want a marketing campaign done-for-you using a marketing system but feel they are ready to commit to the power of the Power Virtual Marketing Department.

Marketing Discovery Session: $499

Your marketing discovery session is for you to review your current marketing program and how well they tie in with your current business and operational processes.  In this meeting, together we determine where the gaps are, and where the opportunities exist to grow your business with the Power Business Growth Marketing Program.  Then we provide you an overview of what your potential next moves should be to start increasing your revenues fast.

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