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Power Business Growth Program

The Power Business Growth Program is the most COMPLETE business marketing system; completely unlike any “fulfillment” program you’ve ever encountered.

Essentially, the program is a system that combines the best building blocks of many well-known marketing systems and experts like: Eben Pagen, Claude Hopkins, Richard Harshaw, David Ogilvy, Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern, Steve Jobs and many others to create the most complete and cohesive power marketing system. It models the fortune 500 companies that dominate online and off giving you the same leverage to dominate your market.

Using this comprehensive marketing strategy in combination with leading media, graphics, and design, the Power Business Growth Consultants of ThinkBigandGrow Media is the only marketing company connected to the perfect resources to help your business literally “crush it” in your market.

It is so totally effective, we limit who we work with to just company per industry in any specific market or region. Our “big picture” overview is below:

Pillar ONE – Innovate Business

The Power Business Growth Program starts at the top by innovating your marketing to bring out the clear market uniqueness of the business. Your industry doesn’t matter because we will introduce marketing innovations with proven formulas that work in any business, including yours. This is true even for commodity-based industry and business to business industry. It works for every business.

Pillar TWO – The Power Marketing Formula

Our Power Marketing Formula is scientific and advanced system for guaranteeing marketing success. The formula let’s your company create a highly productive marketing hitting all the key “hot buttons” relevant to your potential leads and future customers. Having this effective strategic Power Marketing message is the ONE big reason you stand out over your competition using under-leveraged marketing messages, platitudes, and fulfillment based marketing.

Pillar THREE – Advanced Digital Marketing Suite

The Power Business Growth Program layouts for you a complete suite of the most advanced internet marketing techniques used by the worlds leading companies, and fully within your grasp. The comprehensive system exists to develop automated solutions for an online marketing strategy using video, lead capture, email marketing, automated follow-ups, SMS (text messages), direct-to-voicemail, search presence and ensures your company’s online presence is profitable and a major part of your complete marketing program.

Pillar FOUR – Systematic Sales Process

A major part of the Power Business Growth Program is analyzing your company’s sales process and then create a fully integrated process to streamline your sales experience you present every new prospect and customer. It is systematic, eliminating the piece-meal approach and creating a proven sales experience.

Pillar FIVE – Professional Image

This might be listed last, but it is very important that you look as professional as you are. When your marketing is systemized then your professional image becomes key to gaining even more customers. You will look like the most professional company in your market area. The Power Business Growth Program develops a complete branding package to be associated with your entire marketing strategy.

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