[vc_row][vc_column][dt_fancy_image type=”from_url” image=”http://thinkbigandgrowmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/coldcall-thumb.jpg” image_dimensions=”600×336″ image_alt=”cold calling advantages” media=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6BySDJmBzs” lightbox=”true” width=”600″ align=”center” animation=”wobble”][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Did you know that 95% of Business Owners and Sales People hate… no – despise cold calling? It’s true.  Even when you have another company do your cold-calling through telemarketers, the Global Call Center Community says there is a 35 to 45% turnover rate monthly. Why?  The same reasons sales people hate cold calls:

  1. High stress from unpleasant activities.

This tracks with what sales people and business owners say.  They hate the constant rejection, and they feel like it’s a waste of time because only 2 in 10 calls even get an answer –  that is, a person actually answers the phone.

3 Big Benefits of Cold Calls

However, despite its big impact on our psyches, cold calling has some very big benefits you cannot ignore.  I’ll show you how you can get these benefits without cold calling.  But first let’s look at the 3 huge, measured benefits…

  1. The Direct Marketing Association measured results of many marketing channels and found cold-calling has the highest rate of acquiring new customers or clients.

For most companies, they also found, they did not have any accurate tracking of cold calls even though cold calls can easily be tracked.  This was likely due to the fact that most business owners and sales people simply despise the activity.  But the results cannot be ignored. I’ll cover in a moment how to get the same results (or better) of cold calling, without all the rejection.  For now, let’s look at the second benefit…

  1. The DMA also found that cold-calling has the highest response rate of existing customers.

This is more palatable because cold-calling existing customers on new offers less often gets the sales person an earful of abuse.  This doesn’t change the fact that it still takes 8 dials just to get the phone answered once. Would you use a system that gets the same results or better of cold calling if the cost were far less than hiring a salesperson to be abused to gain the benefit?  I’ll show you how after we first look at the third big benefit of cold calling…

  1. When a cold call connects, your company is able to more quickly establish a rapport with both new potential clients and existing customers.

While the obvious negative results of cold calling create huge resistance to ever making the call, that’s human nature.  However, when they do connect, the calls do create instant rapport which is vital to scheduling appointments and making sales. This rapport is key, regardless of how you acquire the new prospect.  It’s what makes the first two huge benefits true.

Getting the Cold Benefits without the Pain and Expense

So how can you get all three of these results at a much lower cost per customer acquisition than cold calling, and without all the damage to personal psyches that comes from the activity? Our new technology, called ringless voice mail, connects your message with new and existing customers up to 96% of the time, and commonly gets 30 to 50% response rates.  Companies with just moderate experience in closing sales, then close new clients as much as 30% of the time.

  • All done without ever making a cold call.
  • Never experiencing the endless rejection
  • Never getting the earful of abuse.
  • Never dialing phones that don’t get answered.
  • Never wasting company time talking to answering machines.
  • Only talking to people actually interested in what you offer.

To find out more on how you get all these benefits of ringless voice mail with Voice Drop Direct including;

  • saving money,
  • saving time,
  • and getting more customers or selling more to existing customers

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