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Why Business Owner’s Don’t Get Email Input from Their Websites

The “contact us” form on a business website is, for all practical purposes, standard. Nearly every business has such a form or an email address on their website, so they can be contacted by web viewers.
Arguments about the pluses and minuses of having this center around getting fake or unwanted input.
However, dealing with a few “bad” inputs or emails is well worth the time when many people want to contact you via a web interface of some type. By not having a contact form and/or email on your website, you do lose potential customers.
For those who already get this, but still don’t get input via their forms or published website email address, here are some things to check.

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A Unique and Effortless Way to Develop a Customer Generating 5-Star Reputation for Your Business

Priming trust is a power technique for business owners to condition buyers to buy from them. It’s easier than you think and important for all CEOs and small business owners to discover how it done so it brings buyers in your door. Continue reading to see just how this helps build your online 5-Star reputation as well.

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7 Digital Marketing Strategies for Franchises to Dominate Your Local Market

Digital marketing strategies for franchises and franchise owners have special challenges not faced by non-franchise business owners. They not only need to stand out from their non-franchise competitors, they must also stand out from their local area “same franchise” owners. Here’s 7 digital mehtods to consider and a proven, market crushing strategy.

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