The best approach to providing SEO for you or anyone looking to ensure you can get top search engine ranking is to conduct a Website Audit at the start of the process. This will enable us to conduct thorough market research as well as an analysis of keywords, rankings and competition. Further, it will ensure we can carry out a systematic analysis of the web design, web structure, backlinks, and content, followed by optimization guidelines.  In fact, any agency calling themselves professional, should require this.

SEO is a long and task-extensive process bringing long-term results and so it is important that we get it right straight away. Your reputation, and ours, depends on the results. We want to do it properly. The Website Audit Report will allow us to do that. If you’re planning on using SEO to increase your profits and customer base, then this is the way forward.  Agencies offering free audits typically are doing an automated audit.  Automated audits definitely provide a surface analysis.  We dig in with real humans.

We do this because, if we dive into implementation without addressing core issues first such as optimal keywords to target, optimal web design and structure, backlink profile, and content issues among others — then we would be wasting our efforts.

Think of it as going to a doctor and asking him to perform an operation on you immediately without undergoing diagnosis and standard tests. If he obliged, then the doctor would be suspended immediately. If an SEO company does likewise then they should at least warn you of the consequences.  Of course, no life is lost, so they don’t feel the obligation, and just want to get your first payment by offering you an incomplete analysis for free.

We, here at ThinkBigandGrow Media have an excellent reputation and we believe know performing the Website Audit before doing any full scale work in SEO is going to extend that good standing to you in the online marketing world. We are professionals and so we highly recommend all websites to go through our Website Audit Reports for proper analysis, troubleshooting, consultation and recommendation.  In fact, for our full guarantee, this website audit is required – it’s that important!

This is our opportunity to really get to know your campaign needs and goals as we consult with you on keywords and content along the auditing process as well as impart guidelines to you provided by us for an optimized SEO implementation.  Without doing this, we simply cannot guarantee any level of results from your SEO efforts, which simply defeats the whole purpose of ever getting started.


Key Benefits of the In-depth Website Audit:

  • Well-defined Target Keywords
  • Overview and Awareness of Ranking, Backlinks and Competition
  • Optimal Web Design and Structure
  • Content Optimization Guidelines
  • Starting off with the Right Foot for a Strategic SEO


Our Website Audit Report includes the following:

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Web Design Analysis
  • Website Structure Analysis
  • Troubleshooting Report
  • Backlinks Report
  • Content Analysis and Optimization Guidelines
  • Report Summary and Consultation

Our Website Audit Report truly gives us the opportunity to provide you the absolute most valuable consulting , by making sure that all core SEO issues are addressed right from the start. This prevents wasted efforts and bad starts and truly paves the way for effective SEO campaigns that put your company on the top of the search results.

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