To begin understanding why RepFluence Marketing is the process you should use in digital marketing, imagine for a minute you’re in a city or town where there are just 5 businesses selling a service or product similar to yours.

Now imagine only 100 people need that service or product. Ninety-two of them will go online to find information to decide which of the 5 providers to choose.

One of the 5 providers has a 5-star reputation. The others have 4 stars or less. One provider even has no reputation to be found quickly.

The fact is, 55 will choose your competitor with the 5-star reputation, without regard to the price.

Then, 27 will choose the lowest price offer.

Eighteen will choose the first competitors they find in the search.

The big deal about the third group is, the first business they find in the search is more likely than not, the same one of your competitors that has the 5-star reputation.

This means, the business with the highest reputation has between a 55% to 73% chance of being the business chosen, while the others have around a 27% chance of selection, maybe less if the 5-star competitor is running a special offer this week.

Like most small and medium business owners, you may be thinking there is so much out there in the market for digital marketing it’s too confusing. And like many business owners, the technology is so confusing to deal with when trying to run a business, you maybe don’t know where to begin.

This is very true, and it’s certainly not your fault. But as a result, at least one of your competitors is sucking up as much as 73% of the web traffic to their business, while you get some small share of the remaining 27%.

Is this a result you can live with? Wouldn’t your life, your family, and your employees all be better off if you were taking from the 73%?

How RepFluence Marketing Puts You in Front

Forbes Magazine in 2016 said brands (businesses) should be thinking reputation marketing, not reputation management to win the future. Besides the fact that reputation management doesn’t have such a great track record itself for boosting sales – there is actually a reason for this. Reputation management is a crisis management response.

Reputation marketing is a proactive, customer getting, client building action.

But reputation marketing isn’t the only type of digital marketing out there that works. And this is usually where the confusion comes to play.

RepFluence Marketing takes what consumers seek about businesses online, and then combines many of the digital marketing automations to make a very powerful process for small and medium business owners.

RepFluence Marketing takes everything you may be confused about, and applies it to building, managing and marketing your reputation online. It’s done in a way that ensures your online reputation positively and ethically influences buyers to buy from you.

RepFluence Marketing does not try to trick a consumer or persuade with confusing “mind control” messages. It markets your reputation using a process backed up by automation to ensure:

  1. Your market finds you first
  2. Your market finds you with a legitimate 5-star reputation
  3. You can leverage social media for your growth
  4. Gives consumers the information they want to find about a business before they choose
  5. Leverages video to give consumers what they want
  6. Makes you and your business the clear market leader when they find you online

The bottom line for why to use RepFluence Marketing is, it makes doing what the Fortune 500 companies do completely affordable for small business, and makes it so you have a 73% chance of being the business online searchers choose when looking for your type services or products. It will leave your competitors in the dust.

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