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SEO Increases Sales

Have you ever wondered if your business website could profit by using quality, 3rd party website SEO services?  I’m betting if you have a website for your business, the question has crossed your mind more than once or twice.

I remember when I was running a small store.  I used to get calls — seemed like every week — from someone or some company wanting to provide me web SEO services.  The call would start something like this…

“Hello, would you like your website to be ranked in the top of the search engine rankings?  We can get your website top rankings in Google.  Would that help your business?”

Have you ever got calls like this?  If you’re a small business owner, I know you have.

I used to laugh because I had already got our store ranked in the top searches for my local market.  I laughed because, these cold calls were so cold, they did not know what business they were calling, nor had they done any research to see if our business was already ranked.  These so-called website SEO services companies simply cold called every business phone number and asked them the same questions.  They never knew who they were calling, or anything about the business.

So that kind of stuff kept me skeptical.  But of course, I knew the web SEO services could and would pay off, because I was doing them myself before I started doing it for a living.

Here’s why I knew website SEO serives would pay off:

1.  It’s a lot of work.  Providing your own SEO optimization services takes a lot time.  But I found out the time pays off.  Problem is, to do it yourself, you also have to know what you are doing.  In the long run, paying for website SEO services cost less then spending your personal time learning to do the work, then finding the time to actually apply what you learned.  I was lucky, that since I was striving to build a business doing this, it all made sense.  But in the end, had I stuck with the store, I would have paid for the web SEO services.

2.  Google  and the search engines keep changing how they work.  You can see all the updates known about here.  This is a big limitation to anyone trying to do SEO optimization on their own.  Trying to keep up with the search industry while trying to keep up with your own money making industry is also very time consuming.  To hire someone full time to do this also costs way more than hiring a professional website SEO services company.  If you’re like me, you want as low as overhead as possible while still providing the absolute best value and experience for your customers.

3.  If you were at the top of the search engine rankings, you would have more customers and have a growing business since you already do things better than your competition.  When I put that small store at the top of the results, the phone literally rang of the hook.  People thought the store was some kind of major department store or something.  They would could thinking we had an army of people there.  The sales online were amazing.  To have someone take care of keeping me there would have freed up time for many other profit making options.

This is all a big part of why I created ThinkBigandGrowMedia… not only can I get the standard or classic website SEO services done for you, I’ve leveraged a whole new aspect of online search so you can build and market your reputation.  This is so powerful, you really need to watch this video here.  It shows you how you literally turn web surfers into the best kind of paying customers… referral customers.  We call it “Reputation Marketing.”  Make sure you check it out before choosing your website SEO services provider.