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WordPress Theme-based

The WordPress Theme-based design gives you all the benefits of a quick website, blog, or combination style website deployment built on WordPress themes.  It includes the built-in WordPress content management system (CMS), making it easy for you to update any part of your website.

Key Features and Benefits of the WordPress Theme-based Design:

  • Completely User-friendly
  • SEO-friendly (loved)
  • Integrate many functionalities
  • Content-driven
  • Easy to update and manage
  • Quick website or blog deployment

We implement branding with custom headers or banners with your client’s logo, create contact forms, install SEO plug-ins and perform optimization.


Included in WordPress Theme-based Design packages:

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Graphic Design and Mockups
  • Blog Setup
  • Contact Forms
  • Footer Design and Optimization
  • SEO Plug-ins and Optimization
  • Email Installation and Configuration
  • Website Backup, Migration and Installation

To see the full details of our WordPress Theme-based Custom SEO Friendly Web Design packages, visit the services page now and click the “Web Design” tab, or call immediately to  202-759-0642